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Twisting Throttles & Breathing Dirt

Either ride hard, or stay home.  Motogoons is a race team...a brand, a addiction...a movement.  We take the dirt less traveled & rep a new side to MX.  To the sandbaggers, C Class Warriors, full-senders, Squids & Goons...we see ya.  Here's to all you Motogoons.  Rep Big.

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Our Story

Before we were even born, there was no doubt.  We would ride.  For most of us, our grandpa's raced...our dad's, our uncles, our brother's and sisters, maybe even our mama's...whoever it was before us...ultimately, we were destined to continue the legacy of ripping dirt.  

For some, it meant our first PowerWheels Kawasaki at the age of 2...The Big Dogs.  For others, the barn Honda at the age of 7, the Marketplace find at 13, and some, the saved up paychecks at 17 for that showroom floor beauty.  Whatever age of life we hopped on our first bike, we would inevitably be...on one for the rest of it.

Will we all go pro?  No.  Can we all land that 120' triple?  Nah.  Are we all gonna stand on that podium?  Doubtful.


Truth.  In the large spectrum of things.  Who cares?

We love this sport.

We breathe this sport.

We live this sport.

Maybe it's the adrenaline of landing that 120' triple unaware of the consequence.  Maybe it's the brag rights of possibly taking that checkered & earning that piece of plastic.  Maybe it's the dirtbath we all know is coming, but intensely are trying to avoid.  Maybe it's the smell of race gas in the air, the sand-filled sweat in our eyes, the heat throb under our helmets, the dreaded arm pump, or that deep rut that will eventually take us out.


MAYBE, it's simply the lifestyle of it all.  The addiction that's deep within us.

Here's the thing.  MOTOGOONS is a lifestyle.  It's all of us.  The A Class Shredders, The B Class Rippers, the C Class Warriors, The Trail Riders, The Field Goons, The Sand Squids, and every other Motor Sport Enthusiast living & loving all things's all Ya'll Goons out there, just enjoying the RIDE.


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